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Testimonials from SHINE Programme

Ended January 2022


'My time spent at Willow Farm has had a massive effect on my wellbeing. Im more stable and have learnt new skills to aid myself going forward. Ive enjoyed every session and although its been hard ive learnt a lot. Thank you to all at Willow Farm for your time and effort'


'I have tried a lot of therapy and i have never found any of it like this. I have done so much reflection and personal work on myself here, and it feels as though my world is put on hold from the second i walk through the gates up until i leave.'


'I have recognised i need time to myself to reflect, its ok to have a bad day. Happy to come but really sad it is ending. It has given me reason to get out of bed through the winter months when im usually at my lowest. It has given me space to have some quiet time.'


' I have learned to calm myself down when i am starting to get anxious. I have struggled when i have to face my innermost thoughts (ones i have buried & not acknowledged) I have been pleased with myself when i ahve accomplished a task. I have enjoyed immersing myself in a space where none of my worries / anxiety are giving me a few hours break.'


'It has made a difference, i have spent more time reflecting on myself and what the real issues are. This time has been away from other every day distractions and left me no choice really but to reflect. Not always easy but made me do it. I would love to have the opportunity to do something like this again. I feel others will benefit greatly.'


'Confidence, when i first started i sat in with a horse next to the door, now i can sit in away from the door and be close to the horse. Its been an emotional time but a very happy time, lots of lovely people here, all different backgrounds and i made friends'


'It has made a massive difference to find a space where mental health is open and acknowledged without being the focal point of the session (like it is in every ward and group ive been too) I have built confidence both in my own ability and in being able to speak openly without anxiety or judgment even if im wrong or weird, the horses dont care ! the people dont care ! so i can not care too ! That gives me a huge level of peace when i return home afterwards'


'Its helped by teaching me to be calm and that working with the horses they are very sensitive to our energy. Sally and Ollie have amazing knowledge of mental health, our sessions / talks have been very enlightening bringing thoughts and feelings that i have hidden away. Willow Farm has been the nicest, helpful therapy i have come across I Love It !'


'I feel Willow Farm has made a significant difference to my emotional wellbeing. Before i was struggling to find energy to do things and felt consumed by negative thoughts and low mood. Willow Farm has helped me connect with others and nature. I have loved connecting with the horses and feel it has helped me to become more content with life and be more mindful. Willow Farm has helped my gain my life and motivation back and i will be forever grateful.'


'My time at Willow Farm has given me a safe space in a beautiful and calm environment, all amongst people who genuinely care and listen without judgement. It has provided me a place to be calm, quiet and reflective amongst a busy non stop life and just be in my moment. I have struggled with counselling in the past but through the use of horses i have felt able to start reflecting and sharing. It has been helpful being on this journey with other people and forming new connections.'

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